EvilQuest Earns Xbox Live Indie Game of the Week Award

One week after its release, Chaosoft Games continues to celebrate the successful launch of EvilQuest on Xbox Live Indie Games (80 MSP/$1 US).

EvilQuest’s first week on the Xbox Live Marketplace was capped off by earning an excellent review along with the Xbox Live Indie Game of the Week award from the website Dealspwn.

The first patch for EvilQuest is in the works and will be released soon. The patch will include some additional in-game instructional tips for new players as well as a streamlined intro sequence.

The PC version of EvilQuest is also nearing completion and is entering a testing phase. The PC release will follow shortly afterward.

Chaosoft Games extends its thanks to all of our fans and customers who purchased EvilQuest. Please continue to show your support by spreading the word, rating the game, and sharing links on Facebook and Twitter to the EvilQuest Xbox Live marketplace page and the EvilQuest trailer – and stay evil!

2 Responses

  1. Stehen says:

    This game deserves indie game of the year…and it’s sequel should be released on xbla

  2. Kyo says:

    I just bought this game a while ago and got as far as getting the dark axe back. I can say this with certainty- This game is great! lol I love it. Great buy for sure. I don’t buy many indie games either.

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