EvilQuest Gets the Greenlight, Coming to Steam on February 20, 2014

We are pleased to announce EvilQuest has been greenlit for release on Steam. For the members of the team at Chaosoft Games, this is amazing news as we will be able to bring EvilQuest to an entirely new audience. One that we believe will be much larger than any previous audience that the game has enjoyed.

In preparation for the Steam release of the game, we are adding several new features to the game as well as fixing a couple of lingering issues with prior versions of the game.

First, and most importantly, we are adding achievements to the game. Expect to be rewarded for unlocking key story elements, discovering hidden items, and killing hordes of monsters and innocent townsfolk.

Second, one of the most requested features that critics and fans have asked for is an autosave option. This is something that we’ve struggled with because we feel that it goes against the retro spirit of the game. However, we are not deaf to the cries of the masses and have gone ahead and implemented autosave in EvilQuest. We hope that this will cut down on some people’s frustration when playing the game. It can of course be disabled in the game’s option menu for hardcore players.

Third, We will be making a minor tweak to the stat assignment system. In the past it was possible to pump all stat bonuses in the game into one stat (Strength, Toughness, Intelligence, Vitality) and this allowed for some extremely powerful and unbalanced builds. In the next version of the game, players will be restricted to adding only 2 points to a given stat on level up. This will remove the temptation that some have had to overload the Strength stat and make the game too easy for themselves (there’s an “Easy” difficulty setting if players find the game to be too challenging).

Fourth, and this is pretty minor, but we have added exit points to certain dungeons. These exit points will allow a player to instantly return to the world area that contains that dungeon once it has been cleared.

We hope that these new features will make the game more enjoyable and accessible to new players and EvilQuest veterans alike. EvilQuest will be released on Steam on Thursday, February 20th, 2014 and will continue to be offered for $1.99 US, the same price as on all other PC digital distribution services.

EvilQuest approved for Steam release

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  1. Tom says:

    How can i get a steam version if I already bought it trough “Indie Gamer Chick Bundle” ?

    • chaosoftgames says:

      The Indie Gamer Chick Bundle was an Indie Royale bundle. You’ll need to go to http://www.indieroyale.com and sign in there. You can browse the bundles you’ve purchased and manage and redeem keys there. If there is any trouble beyond that, please contact us.

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