EvilQuest Released on Xbox Live Indie Games

On January 4, 2012, EvilQuest launched on the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace for the price of 80 Microsoft Points, or $1 US.

You may purchase EvilQuest for Xbox Live Indie Games here. A free-to-try demo version is available as well.

The game can also be found on Xbox Live by using the Bing Search function to search for “EvilQuest” or by browsing the Xbox Live Indie Games titles.

In the short time since its release, EvilQuest has met with a large volume of positive feedback, being hailed as “the spiritual successor to Crystalis” and feeling “like a long-lost SNES RPG.” The new EvilQuest “Destroy the World” Trailer has had over 3600 views on GameTrailers in just two days.

Chaosoft Games extends its thanks to everyone who has supported EvilQuest and helped to spread the word. Please continue to support the game by sharing the trailer or marketplace links on Facebook, Twitter, and any other relevant forums.

A PC port of EvilQuest will be released in the very near future for players who do not own an Xbox 360 – follow Chaosoft Games on our social media channels and our website for all the latest details on the PC release.

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  1. Stephen Downey says:


    Great job on an outstanding start with EvilQuest. I found it to be addicting and without a steep learning curve with the controls. The details from characters to trees to environment is great. I look forward to the next game and will definitely recommend this game to everyone. 5 stars, great job guys!

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