EvilQuest Trading Cards Now Available on Steam

Alright, EvilQuest fans – you asked for it, and we delivered: EvilQuest now has Steam Trading Cards! Time to play through EvilQuest again and get those rewards – or if you’re new to the game, now you’ve got even more reasons to check it out.

Now that we’ve finished with the trading cards, it’s back to work on EvilQuest 2! We’ve made a lot of progress lately and there are many things in the pipeline that are going to make this game amazing! We still have a lot left to do but rest assured we are hard at work on it!

Now go get those trading cards!


3 Responses

  1. John says:

    Is development of Evil Quest 2 still going on?

    • chaosoftgames says:

      Yes, we are still working on it right this moment!

      • Kain rules Nosgoth says:

        Chaosoft Games, I know you all don’t have to, but could you try and get EvilQuest on the PlayStation Network store. I’d really like to carry a PSVITA indie like this one around with me. I do enjoy it on my PC though. It does better there than the 360 did.

        EvilQuest and EvilQuest II would be nice on the PSN too. The VITA’s indie market has so much potential. Just think it over…

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