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Technical Support

To report bugs, crashes, or other technical problems, please contact

There is a known issue with the Xbox Live Indie Games version of EvilQuest if the console’s language is not set to English. Currently there is no other workaround.

Obtaining Steam Keys

Desura users who purchased EvilQuest may log in to their Desura accounts to obtain a Steam key for EvilQuest.

Players who purchased EvilQuest on Indievania or Indie Game Stand may work with us directly to obtain Steam keys. Please contact

Players who got EvilQuest as part of the Indie Royale Halloween Bundle or Indie Gamer Chick Bundle may go to and log in to their accounts. The bundles you have purchased will be listed and you may manage your keys for each game in the bundle there.

Players who got EvilQuest in the Indie Gala weekly bundle may log in to their Indie Gala accounts to manage their keys for the games in the bundle.

Xbox Live Indie Games players are not entitled to Steam keys due to differences in platform and pricing.

If you have any questions or difficulties in obtaining a Steam key for any of the Windows PC releases of EvilQuest you may have purchased, please contact